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I Am Oliver art exhibition


"Are you happy with how your exhibition has turned out Ollie?"

Ollie: Shoulder hunch and "huh!"

"Are you proud of you?"

Ollie: Shoulder hunch and "huh!"

Clue: This is a clear and defined YES! for those still getting to know Oliver.


In May 2019, Oliver held his first solo art exhibition at the Campbelltown Arthouse, a local mainstream art community that he had just recently joined earlier in the year.

Oliver has been working alongside his art teacher and creative enabler, Hans

Kreiner, since 2012. In his first solo exhibition I Am Oliver, Oliver showcased

his journey with art. These include some of his earliest paintings, experimenting

with various tools, methods and techniques, through to more recent works.

Oliver’s exhibition sought to challenge social norms of what ‘ability’ is. What

defines talent, skill and creativity? What limitations do we place on how

individuals are recognised for their creativity? Why is this?

Oliver hopes that his story and his art will work towards changing perspectives

around these questions. While Oliver’s physical disability limits his range of

movement, the goal is always to look for what is possible within that range of


And that’s where the beauty of Oliver’s artwork lies.

It uses his ability.

Not what someone else says ability should be.

The official launch of Oliver's exhibition was held on Sunday 5th May, with food, wine and photography from event sponsors Tony and Mark's, A Fanciful Notion and This One Day Photography. Well attended by family, friends and the local community beautiful words were exchanged in speeches from friend and local writer Jocelyn Munro, and from the artist himself.

A truly wonderful opening, for a truly wonderful young man.

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