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These are the books that I have published to date. If you would like to talk to me about them you can message me via the Contact page, or click on one of the links below.

Demolishing the Oats

($5.00 plus postage)

Demolishing the Oats was published by Ginninderra Press and is available from their website. Alternatively, you can purchase a signed copy from me. The poems were collated from my journal entries and represent little pieces of my life.

'Inside Oliver, there is beauty and the magic of words. With immense patience and persistence, he brings his interior view into sight.' - Jocelyn Munro, Artist and Poet.

Greeting Cards-1.jpg
I Am Wolf

($25.00 plus postage)

I Am Wolf is my fourth published book. The poems in this book are about me, and what it's like to be me. The wolf call is my trademark communication sound, which I make when I am happy, excited and feeling well. 

'Oliver's poetry and artwork offer us an enormous insight into his life, his world, and what it means to be Oliver. He's the central part of his wolf pack, and with his wolf call he beckons us to join him.' - Shannon Lott, support worker and friend.


($25.00 plus postage)

Snapshot is a collection of poems about my life. The poems provide an insight into what it's like to live with a disability. They explore some of the challenges I face everyday, as well as the things that I enjoy and the people that I love.

'Oliver's poetry sings his words, and the reader's reward is a profound sense of both connection and knowing the depth of this remarkable man.' - Jocelyn Munro, artist & poet.

Poetic Moments​

($45.00 plus  postage)

This book is a collaboration between myself and Barbara Bayly -  ​Barbara's stunning photographs with my poems.

'Both poetry and photography use imagery. A poem can create an image or capture an idea in a few brief lines. A photograph can tell a story or capture a moment in time or place with a brief click. A photo can indeed be a "poetic moment"' - Barbara Bayly, photographer.

My Gold Journey

(from $10.00 plus postage)

I wrote this book when I was completing my Duke of Edinburgh Award. It includes my early poems and photographs of me and my family.

Snapshot booklaunch

Hear from myself, Janelle Sampson and Sharon Kernot at my recent book launch for 'Snapshot', giving a small insight into the methods I use for my writing.


I was proud to launch my fourth book on Saturday 30th November 2019 at the Tea Tree Gully Library.


Please enjoy this video which captures a wonderful afternoon spent with family and friends. Watch below or click this link to view.


I launched my third book 'Snapshot' in March 2018 at the Tea Tree Gully Library. 


Enjoy this video of photos from the night, showcasing the amazing support I received. Watch below or click this link to view. 

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