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Please click on the slideshow below to view a selection of my artworks.

I enjoy using my hands and making scratching noises on the canvas when I paint. I like exploring different ways of painting that doesn't require too much assistance. Doing my work as independently as possible is very important for me. 

To help me with my art, I have an art teacher and mentor, Henry 'Jock' Walker. He is a local Adelaide artist, and comes up with so many cool and interesting ideas for me to work with. Nothing is impossible for Jock, which makes me feel like anything is possible for my artwork. 


I would also like to thank my first art teacher and mentor, Hans Kreiner, for his steady assistance and guidance over the early years of my art exploration. Using my creativity through visual art has been an important part of my journey. 

If you would like more information about how you can buy my art please message me through the Contact page. I am also available to do work on consignment.

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