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Welcome to my website. 


You can view my artworks and poetry, read about my latest news, and find out about how you can purchase my books and artwork.


Thank you for supporting Oliver's Choice. Follow me for updates! 

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My unique life

Poetry that provides an insight into my life, and what it's like to live with a disability.


Life in art

My artwork lets me create a visual expression of how I see the world. 


Hear me speak

Listen as my poems take a different shape through spoken word and in song.


Talking is thought

Talking is thinking

Talking is me, I, 

You, us. 

Talking feels

Clean and new.

Inside Oliver there is beauty and the magic of words. With immense patience and persistence he brings his interior view into sight. Oliver's poetry sings his words, and the reader's reward is a profound sense of both connection, and knowing the depth of this remarkable man.

Jocelyn Munro - poet and artist

As someone of few words (not necessarily by choice), Oliver chooses his carefully. He finds a way to help us hear what he is thinking from a perspective most have not considered. I have learned a lot from Oliver. His poems give a unique perspective and help us to understand the way that he experiences life.                       

Janelle Sampson - Speech Pathologist, Director - Two Way Street

These poems offer a rare glimpse into the mind of a poet who does not always have the opportunity to say what he feels, thinks, or desires whenever he wants or needs to. This is something that most of us take for granted. Poetry allows Oliver to speak about the things that are important to him. In this way, it is a gift. And what a gift. Inside this book you will find insight, complexity and generosity of spirit. What an achievement!              

Sharon Kernot - Poetry Mentor & Teacher

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